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Our Services

As a client of ours you will have the ability to trade in over 130 currency pairings and the ability to send money globally.

Our overall solutions encompass a range of tools at your disposal that make the process of transferring currency from one country to another very straight forward. As part of our service proposition you have access to the following:

Award winning online platform:- Allowing you to make transfers at your convenience with the added benefit of being able to track the process of your payments at every step of the way.

Ability to book spot trades and forward contracts:- Whether you want to send funds the same day or at a specific date in the future Intertrade Exchange can meet your needs.

Risk Management:- Manage your currency exposure through our currency products, such as FX spot or forward products. Our service includes presenting hedging consultation that’s right for you.


Private Client

Whatever the reason for your transfer, our service ensures you can send money overseas safely and efficiently.


Corporate Clients

We get to know your business, trade flows and risk appetite to find cost effective FX solutions


Commercial Funding

We work closely with our clients to understand their funding requirements be it for company expansion or paying for products.

Strategic thinking

We want to understand the current risks you face from currency fluctuations and work with you on a solution that best fits.





Analyze The Opportunities

Our role is to help you maximise the opportunities when currency moves in your favour, through the hedging tools we have at our disposal.